The theme “Blak, Loud and Proud” celebrates the spirits of our ancestors and invites all to stand together in solidarity, amplifying the voices that have long been silenced.  

The fire represents the indigenous cultures, passed down through generations despite challenges. It signifies the connection to the land, to the people and the rich history which defines aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  As we honour this flame, we light the sparks of pride and unity, igniting the commitment to acknowledging preserving, and sharing the cultural heritage which is the foundation of our nation.

The theme encapsulates the celebration of indigenous identity and empowers us all to stand tall in our heritage and proclaim our place in the modern world. The theme calls for recovery of narratives, an amplification of voices and commitment to justice and equality. It invites Australians to listen, learn and engage in meaningful dialogue allowing a fully valued understanding of wisdom and contribution of indigenous peoples.

Together we can forge a future where stories, traditions and achievements are cherished and celebrated, enriching the fabric of the nation with the oldest living culture in the world.